Tuesday, 16 February 2016

To my Term 4 self

Dear Pote[ME] of term 4

Hello future-self, both of us know  that we practiced the requirement for stage 7, we also know how to answer quick on Sumdog & Xtramaths.You & I know that we have practice maths with ours parents for maths.We both don’t usually particapate in inter-school competitions. One thing we obviously would get fit. Another basic rule we would already have is  P.E gear. For sports such as Rugby, we would require teamwork & sportsmanship. One of our main goals this year is getting Dux, it’s one of the hardest awards to get for prizegiving. We have been waiting for a long time to get Dux we would need to know the requirements for the next level. If we become Dux, we would need to stay focused. One thing we do need is to work with integrity.

From your Term 1 self, Pote.

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