Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Valentines Day Experience:

Now usually Valentines day is the time where friendships or other stuff are created, but sometimes it's times where you celebrate with your family( for no reason at all). So since it's was a rare  great Auckland day, my family & I spent the majority of the day around Auckland starting from the Lone Star in Manakau's outskirts. We spent valuable time trying to fill our stomach to its limit. As we were about head home and crash off to sleep, before my mother is alerted about heading to her cousin ( who is in a hospice) who is told to be dying from cancer( and only had a year which was 2 years ago). Sila which is her name was told about having breast cancer but was rechecked and was shown it grew through her whole spine. It was very sad timing to day which was meant to have fun end on a sad note.  

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote,

I am so sorry to read the news about your mom's cousin. I hope that she isn't in too much pain and that your family is able to rally around her. It must be a difficult time.

Wishing you all well,


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