Monday, 8 September 2014

King of Tonga Facts

Last week Room 7 celebrated Tongan Language Week. In reading We have been reading Tongan book. Here is my facts about the holiday that's been celebrated in Tonga on the third and fourth of July.

SJ P1 N2 2002
The King’s Birthday (article)
1. King of tonga was born on the fourth of July
2.Third  of July is a special day because it is the  eve of the kings birthday.
3. Fourth of July is a public holiday in Tonga.
4. Third of July is special occasion where people can wear their most best clothes.
5. Third and fourth of July in Tonga are heavily celebrated by the people of Tonga.

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Get work Pote! I can see you have learned a lot about Tongan language week.

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