Monday, 22 September 2014

How to play Nba2k14

Around the world, many many fans have played a sports packed game called  Nba2k14. Nba2k14 is a online and offline basketball game. This is what you need to do when playing this fantastic game. Even the nba players themselves buy and play this game as well.On this game there many things you have make sure you don’t do like getting fouls, ejection from the game and making sure your ankles don’t be broken.

If you're playing on  games console like Xbox 360, Ps3, Ps4 and Xbox 1,  you just have to get controller and select your team from the exhibition section. Like if you want to play a friendly match, as like  the  nba final, Spurs against the Heat. If you want to challenge yourself, change the  opponent level to hall of fame( which is the Hardest level there is on the game).

When you have created a team online,  wonder what your team line up is, their uniform, who the manager will be, and what playbook they know and will  learn.  When you have completed the goal and  have won the nba playoffs, you would have a unique classic   uniform, a legendary line-up ,  a great manager and a vintage playbooks from one of the best teams in NBA history  like the Chicago  bulls of season  (1991-92)  playbook.

In 2k14, you can create and choose the play style you want your created player to be like. Your first step is to play in the nba   rookie showcase. The better you play, score , assist, the better your teammate  grade is and,  the bigger the  chance of you being drafted in the top 5 of the draft lottery. If you get ranked 99 overall that means you have been upgrading your character traits, offence and defence,  shooting 3pt(Three Pointers) and 2pt(2 pointers). Also by winning  special occasions like M.V.P(Most Valuable player),Slam dunk champion, three pointers contest, playoffs and  the inaugural, NBA  All Star Game. 

If you have completed all modes from 2k14, you are  a  boss of all bosses of  NBA2k14. Also try Gm(General Manager) mode if you want to change a original nba  team like the Orlando Magic, into a team you want in the NBA. Guide your team to the nba playoffs, defeat your opposition  and become the   Conference’s and league’s champ GM. These are my  steps of how to play NBA2k14.

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Sebastian said...

Hi Pote,
You have a very good explanation of how to play NB2K14. Now I know how to play it, I might buy it. Maybe you could talk about what the buttons that you have to push to play. Good work Pote.

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