Thursday, 10 April 2014

Panmure Library vist 2014

Our class, room 7 was generously invited by a Maori group named Pare, Juanita, Ole and Kare from Auckland Museum.Walking from school into the warm afternoon of busy Panmure. As we entered  the air conditioned Panmure community library, the class was halved to sit on the two maori illustrated mats.Pare introduced us to the  group that she brought with her.

 We learnt a story about our  maunga in our area. The two mats were to put you in the two fairy tribes. These tribes were named  Patu Paia Rehe with their chief Waitakere and  Te Rerero whose chief was Chief  Denise.Both tribes only went out to fish at night because it was  difficult to see  when the sun came out at dawn.The next night Chief Waitakere's son  and Chief Denise's  daughter were  found  fishing for food but fell  in love with each other. The next morning when Denise found out her daughter had been stolen she was furious. She gathered her people and prepared her people for war.On the other side of the river Waitakere's people were preparing for war. Evenly matched they fought until the earth became steep and grew hills and mountains one they could only see, Maugarei.In the end two people in love made a family and named their family after their tribes.

We learned about clay molded mato  that Waitakere's son forgot to take with him.Finally it was  time for prizes. You  can see in the photo  these lucky 5 got Auckland museum color pencils.

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