Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday Quick Writes

One Horrified night gun sounds  being heard from the geckoes."Bang Bang Bang" hear a person fall to the ground hiding from the mysterious army.Walking outside seeing the great war  that was named WWI soon after.In a big unknown town on the side of italian islands  is where all started.

"Is anyone here someone help us". American and British troops retreating from  the Italian and German forces but in a little cabin near the area of the shooting a family could see one man not retreating but advancing in enemy lines. American snipers camped out  on the nearby church top. As dawn settled in the german and Italian troops were out of ammunition and stocks of food, clothes and domination. The troops were celebrating about the liberation of enemy territory in a enemy country.Soon after rumours was heard in the American lines that the german side would never give up but  have a new villan named Red Skull.Red Skull was to aimed for the American hero."Captain America!"And his other goal was to,destroy any civilians that is living in American line including destroying America.

But as end of WWI of narrowing down Captain America made one simple mistake that might have lost his best friend.Bucky Barnes in their last misson of the 20 century.In the end Captain Armerica was  missing for more than 80 years.This is why Captain America is my hero.

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M Miller said...

You have used some very powerful words Pote, well done. I am guessing you have been to see the movie.

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