Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Quick Writes

My awesome tree house.

I would build  a penthouse tree house and locate it on a mountain surrounded by a rain forest.I would build the penthouse with a garage and driveway so it can connect it to the the only road.I will hire my family and also the best trades in the world.Inside the pent house, I would add a flat-screen tv with a xbox 1 and 360.I will add 16 rooms in my penthouse added with tv.I would have secret elevator connected to school, fast food restaurant,diner also connected half of the world.

I would add a swimming pool w/ spa pool.Have a computer room with eternal wireless with every pc game in the world. would theme the penthouse every 4 months.I would have a kitchen  that has 5 star rating.Extras:I would have new groceries every fortnight.Would have a air conditioner in summer, Heat pumper in winter.I would build  my house out of timber,brick and wood.

In my penthouse, I would quarter of my family to live the penthouse.My penthouse would be the first and last house I would ever make  in my life.

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M Miller said...

That would have to be a very big, strong tree Pote! I am really pleased with your first paragraph. You took care with the sentences making sure they make sense and only have one or two ideas.

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