Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Quick Writes

The most Wonderful place in the world.

People shouting in delight.The music pumping at hip-hop dancers from every college in  Auckland city  with the judge arguing at who would rise and who would fall to pieces. It is called the very best can attend.Because that is why it is called.Bring it on. 

Big crowds  storming the front entrance with little spaces and to go through it could barely fit every one into  the big arena.The arena was crowded with mixed emotion. Vodafone  Pacifica and cultural arena was a big venue for Bring it on, almost  every bring it on  has being held in the arena. Food at Bring it  on are for all culture and adults and kid big and small. Not that many dance group members to their college. Many groups are almost filled  up with Juniors.Also,sometimes Junior has to teach Yr 12 & 13 how to learn the cheograher's dance moves.To get to arena you will need to drive in to manakau city rainbow's end  where you find  because it is north east of rainbow's end.

I have highlighted 3 simple sentence and 3 conjunction on my monday quick write.

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M Miller said...

Great descriptive writing Pote. Did you have a favourite group? Remember to check every sentence makes sense.

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