Monday, 5 August 2013

Duffy Theatre

July 30 2013

Finally 30 of July and time to have laughter and your thinking cap.Today everyone wondering why  Duffy's car was parked  right next to the hall but you had to wait and see. Well I thought it  will be old character from last year's show.At school usually you start of with a boring morning and then after lunch it goes exciting to what going to happen but it middle of the day that is the going to be the best part.Right after morning tea you see new characters get to join into Duffy history of happy and wonder.In this story, Duffy start a story for Scruffy  his brother. He start to read about a story called Duffy loses his words.

It  all start when it night time,it like his nightmare that is happening real. Word sharks a evil world smash player who is trying to seek revenge on player he had played against in all ten year!Duffy was tricked by Word sharks and almost sucked out  all Duffy's words.The next morning Duffy well he get's everything wrong even wearing his own's mum clothes.Soon as his friend called Afi.Afi was saying it was the speech compition today.She wondering what topic today.Until Duffy and Afi starts reading the paper areoplane that Duffy found  this morning.Word sharks  was saying abou a  word challenge at lunch.

Finally it all comes on one shot to win back Duffy's words back.Word sharks  does a crosswords  so he can keep Duffy's words to himself.They all answer questions one by one except one a myth that Afi couldn't get right but Duffy did in Te reo (It maori).Duffy won his word back by other languages.The lunch bell rang and it was time for the speech compition. Afi chose rapping for her topic.This is where the story ends.Just remember it is cool to read!

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