Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Own Well-Being Model

For the few weeks of Term 1, we have been learning about Hauora and Fono Fale ( Which are both similar in its own respectful way). After creating a DLO for both. We were tasked to create our own well-being model. For this task, I created my own definition for my model because I didn't want the viewer to be lost in translation. The Wellbeing model is modeled to represent the world and its languages being together to create the earth.

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Georgia Dougherty said...

Thanks heaps for sharing Pote, such a cool idea! Although the initial task was a little different, you have adapted it to create something awesome. I like how your slides explain each part of your model. For future posts, maybe you could explain briefly for your audience what Hāuora and fono fale are, or share your previous posts. Looking forward to more creations this term! Miss D

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