Friday, 21 October 2016

Narrrative: Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith:
It was a weird feeling. Something wanted to possess my body and showcase my real potential. “ Well, that’s something Ezio, Daniel or Jack would say.” I proclaimed. “ See i’m the, what u call it the chicken of the family.”
“John, Ezio, Daniel and Jack, Its time!” Cecillia screamed as a echo blasted through out my neighbourhood.

“ We’re coming now!”We all sang in unison. It was a crazy feeling, My dad was gifted the nickname, Killer bee. Why? Well, I don’t know the entire story because he passed away a long time ago but from listening to  those nanas talking about him being the fastest, the most coolest and also the most Beautiful man they ever saw. I pondered about it. I wasn’t the best, Ezio was the best at flapping his wing so that counts. I’m sure I ain’t the fastest and the coolest, but I do know who is the most handsomest owl in our Neighbourhood (It’s ME!!!!!). My siblings and I were always fighting over who will get the large worm for dinner. Unfortunately, I never won but I was always smart to trade items to get food ( Thinking about it now, I was blessed and cursed). It was a killing addiction for me, to eat the large worm. I would do anything for it. Sorry, getting off track about what’s happening in my life. Well let’s continue in the real world and not the stuff I remember.

We waited for 5 Hours! Sure, it wasn’t a day nor even 10 hours, but still it felt like I was watching those Romantic Movies  that Daniel started recently watching at Movie night (We all knew that the guy will fall in love with the girl). It was such a waste of time of just utterly boredom that I wanted to just go sleep and continue tomorrow. Well I suppose it was a good time, I had seen like a baker’s dozen of some weird  creatures holding a weird object in their arms. Hopefully its can shoot out ducks or worms so I can finally eat and don’t feel like I want to sleep; I think they’re trying to look for some food as well( Good or bad). They don’t even seem to look at us as we just freeze like possums at headlights ( I hope I didn’t say it wrong). I felt Anxious watching Ezio fly like a hawk ( Wait, doesn’t hawks eat owls, *Gulp*).

“Daniel, its your turn to show everyone who’s the best family in the Neighbourhood!” Ezio Screamed as all the spectators laughed like clowns. Now, that I could be alone by myself. I started to cry like a baby. Everyone would laugh at me for dishonouring my heritage or family. Being a son of a Legend and you having high expectations I felt Anxious to the point I wanted to join those creatures with their ugly objects ( whatever they’re holding in the air like lunatics) and see what they’re looking for.  Ezio walked into the dark room. Proud of his accomplishments.

“ John, you feeling alright, Bro?” Ezio asked as he walked closer to me.

“ Well for instances, I don’t know how to fly and also if I screw up, I will be a known for destroying my family heritage and destroy my friendships with all of you.” I replied as a big puddle of tears beginning  drip onto my body.

“No you won’t Bro, Mum told me that dad failed when he was a owlet. Everyone mocked him for a long until he stood up (I mean Metaphorically speaking) and flew like how the flash runs on those TV shows mum talks about.” Ezio said while cheering me up.

30 Minutes later:

“ John its your turn to fly to that tree where your mother is standing!” A owl shouted. I felt so prepared because of Ezio excellent prep talk. I guess Ezio wasn’t only the fastest but also seems like he is down to earth. What a generous person. *VRRRRMM*! I fly like a jet to my mother; I see a weird shape heading towards me. “Oh No! Someone please help me.” Cecilliascreamed. All I saw was a parliament of owls flying to the scene. I felt like I wasn’t going to survive. I guess I was wrong.

This week, as the entire LS2 are in preperation mode for a week where we will be using our knowledge that we have learned from throughout the year. As for me, I have written 2 narratives but have decided to showcase the narrative I personnaly like because of the planning and description I used in this narrative.

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Robyn Anderson said...

What a creative narrative Pote! You most certainly have tried hard to show us rather than telling us what is happening. I love some of the description you have used as your words paint a clear picture in my mind. Don't forget to DRAFT your writing. I can see a few changes that you need to make. Come and work with me and I'll help you do this :)

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