Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Today, I read out my speech to my thinking group. My speech was about Bullying(at school).
Here is my speech:

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”- Robert Frost:
This particular quote, represents the speech I will be talking to you!

Hello, I mean good morning or afternoon. My name is Pote which i’m pretty certain you know me as the person that is  always ignorant(well isn’t that fact, Pote). Do I care if i’m mocked, no! I mean, should you worry about what people say about appearance and culture? Should I worry about the trash talk that occurs on social media.

In this day and age, bullying can affect anyone at school, or on Social Media. Well 10 years ago, a boy by the name of Steven. He  hung himself because of the abuse and bullying of his fellow pupils. Also to add injury. He was 13 years old! The same age that a third of the year 8’s age. So why did he hang himself. Early in the day, Aerosol was sprayed all over his body and was lighted by matches(Which i’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to bring to school). Luckily he survived but that same day, he decided to take his own life.A study had finished recently in UK, 50%( yes 5-0) were bullied while 18 percent was bullied everyday. If you were a parent, would you want your son to be bullied into not liking his school or the school you went when you were their age?

Now, here’s another victim who was more older and was mature. Her name was Phoebe Prince. Her story starts in 2010, her family(the exception of her dad) moved to the States to pursue a new life. Coincidentally, instead of being part of the right crowd she sided herself with the people that soon would be the driving point. On day, her friends decided to bully an innocent classmate. She also got involved. As soon as the victim moved schools, Phoebe wrote an apology letter. This would mark 9+ days  where she was harassed and incited by the people she called friend a month earlier. Supposedly, she was stalked by one her friends. Empty cans and insulting words would be end of what Phoebe future could of been. Instead, she hung herself that same night. Think about it, a teenager full of life. A teenager who could have been experienced everything to being an adult. Instead of having fun, she experienced harassment from own friends.

Bullying can’t be stopped. In school, you receive incitement from your friends and classmates but that’s normal. Sometimes it is. Should you think about your actions or how you affect  innocent people. Make sure you and your friend shield off the inciteful or hateful comments at school and on social media.

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