Thursday, 24 September 2015

Supermarket Trip

It was a cold damp morning as we drove away from school we were silent( well maybe), Room 6 & 7 were going to visit Pak N Save. As we walked into the nearly empty lobby. many of us saw Room 5 and its buddy class leave, meaning it was about to be our session.  My buddy and I were assigned to a teacher aide or parent. In my group were Amato with his buddy and Ana as well.

We began our search in the aisle to categorized some types food into which we can eat everyday and what we should sometimes( occasional foods).We first began our search in the cereals aisle. This aisle was very healthy and not. As many of you know that wheat biscuits and rolled oats are one of the healthiest cereals you can have. So we went with Harraways Rolled Oat's as an everyday food. We then examined Coco Pops O's.It was pretty clear from the results that  Rolled Oats were the clear winner. 

As we continued our search for the more healthy foods we found Vita Meal as a more healthy snack food to eat against Chocolate Chip cookie. Pump water bottle was healthy than Red Bull even those it was very close.Light Blue milk was actually healthy but didn't have enough calcium as the chocolate milk. Vogel multi grain bread was healthy than iced finger buns.

In the end we were playing a type of scavenger hunt as we named fruits that were same colours and put it in the category which was recommended.This was very fun and was actually hilarious. As we headed back to the starting point our two classrooms were given a 60 dollar voucher that we could use for our healthy sandwich. Thanks to Mrs Paton and Mrs Millward for taking us to this trip sponsored by Heart Foundation.

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