Thursday, 19 February 2015


“Splish!,”I fell down the mighty Rock wall at Panmure Bridge School, so when I was  8 years old  and starting my 4th year at school, I had always came early but then something would happen pretty quick. My brother and I decided to wrestle on the climbing wall.  Imagine this, “you are falling down to the ground like those buildings in Christchurch, 2011. Then you hear a weird kinda crunch as if you are eating a Toblerone. Some minutes later: you wake up and start crying as like a 1 year old kid falling to the ground and crying.

I woke up in the sickbay crying and soaking my eyes with tears. Beside me was my brother who was the person who pushed me off the climbing wall who walked out the room after the fall and believe me, you will not want to be me during this fall because man it hurt so badly almost everyone on the park saw me falling. Falling is fun except if you were me, I was in love with people who flew in the air in music videos and games. I thought it would be fake. Soon after the incident  I finally figured that you’re allowed to jump except from falling.

Okay, now the worst thing would've happened is that me landing on my arms because I would of have been a bear being tranquilized and walking around like I never seen earth in my life! So I guess I am lucky  never to fall right onto my arms because I will head straight home and say to my mum, call the hospital instead of  staying at school because “I ain’t got time for that,” like honestly why was I up there to wrestle in the first place why  because it was really tall.

Well it was the first time I was actually embarrassed in my first 4 years as a P.B.S student,  I would’ve  have my face be  hit by a soccer ball or get my head hit into a wall than free-falling, but besides at least all of the events  I mentioned did happened and the pain I actually felt it and it was not cool follow my words! How did this  happened I do not know. The only thing I do know is falling down couple of feet.

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