Friday, 21 February 2014

The sandy shores

My hands were growing goosebumps hopping of the big crowded red bus.Seeing the shores hit the warm shelled sand.I am so excited  because I have being going to every school picnic for 6 years.

Riding on a big red bus,seeing the sun warm up  the cold  breeze.Hopping off the bus at Eastern beach on the other side of Howick.Teachers telling us walk down the beach  noticing  a school already being there  to do outdoor games and kayaking.meaning we had to  have the picnic where the car park exit out through.Mr Johnson telling us the rules where not to go to and be allowed.

It was Room 7's chance to hit the warm deserving sand.Building  sand sculpture of a animal of your choice.Many people chose star fish, turtles and clams all sea animals only choosing a  electric eel.Making it all in for sea animals.We actually never knew who won.It was about to be our turn to swim so we had fun trying to dig up to make a lake.It was our turn to swim taking off our clothes and putting our swimming togs quickly after,we hopped in the water it felt so cold  like the winter outbreak in the USA.I sat out for bit on the warm sandy shores. It was lunch time,I was desperately waiting for my mum who will bring KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken).. Finally!She came from the corner of my  eye sight. Delicious, the KFC was Good.

As we hopped back on the bus and headed straight ahead to school."I will always never forget  that one trip."


M Miller said...

Super descriptive writing Pote. I especially like your simile where you compared the cold water to the winter weather in the USA at the moment. I don't think it was that cold! You enjoyed it too much!

Leopote said...

Very good to see you enjoyed my kfc pote loved your writing and that you enjoyed your trip......

Alisia Aholelei Mum

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