Thursday, 5 December 2013

Water Care

On Monday,Sally from Water care New Zealand visited room 7 to talk about our estuaries waters.Sally told room 7 that the more saltwater the denser the water gets.Did you know saltwater is easier to float?For our experiment,Sally made us do the rainbow experiment. You will need these ingredients:Group of four pupils,two teaspoon of saltwater and three colours of food colouring.At the end  of the lesson I have learnt that we drink recycled water meaning we drink wastewater.


Linda said...

Hi Pote

I can see that you have learn have to make a rainbow and it look like you are having fun and our class had made some rainbows and it is fun and keep up the great work.

By Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey Pote,
I can see you and your class had fun making a rainbow. It look like it was loads of fun. Well done!

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