Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Taupo is the centre of the north island,the only thing that made me think that Taupo was one of the biggest  eruption in the world.did you know,the Te Rapa village on the shores of lake Taupo was land washed when heavy rain started.The great Tuwharetoa chief.Te Heuheu II  and 60 villager died.Mostly I learned about volcanic rocks like Tephra,Ignimbrite,Obsidian,Pumice and Rhyolite,all found around or in Lake Taupo.If you have a good look in the volcanic eruption it actually  burned and buried all living animals around Lake Taupo like Moa's and others. Did you know Oruanui ash layers have been found Chile,South America and the Chatham island,New Zealand.Mt Taupo is found around the shores of Lake Taupo.My question is. When did Lake Taupo was made.

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